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A Review of Author Morris West by Marilyn Watson

Morris West, (born 1916-died 1999) was generally shunned by Australian literati during his lifetime; however, he is honoured here for two reasons: 1) He was the first to write the so-called “blockbuster” Aussie novel; and 2) he was something of an enigma, an ex-Christian Brothers monk seemingly well equipped to discuss thorny religious matters, who […]

Establishing a Traditional Home Library: A Marilyn Watson Interview with Matt Silwood

Matt Silwood, a valued “Kate’s Preloved Books” customer, recently told us that he is establishing a private library in his new home—a worthy project seemingly out of sync in today’s electronic world. However, the idea of a private library has always appealed to our family, too. We started one many years ago, and guess what? […]