About Us

Photo of Kate holding a bookThe New Zealand Developmental Assessment Team at Hastings Hospital evaluated Kate for possible autism and Asperger’s Syndrome in late 2010: The team’s conclusion was that Kate has ” . . . significant gross and fine motor delay with sensory regulation issues and possible dyspraxia . . .” and recommended swim and dance lessons, plus a whole host of activities designed to improve eye hand co-ordination and to help her overcome physical difficulties.

Kate turned seven years old in September, 2013. She is a bright child who loves nature. Kate’s not afraid to hold insects, earthworms, slugs or snails and loves to make friends with all new life forms that cross her path. She enjoys going to the Haumoana Farmyard Zoo to pet the animals and is definitely part mermaid and makes frequent trips to the Napier Aquatic Centre and to Breakwater Beach with her dad.

Kate now has three rabbits as well as two comet goldfish, two cats and of course our giant beloved family hedgehog!  She was reassessed in September 2013 by the Child Development Service at Hastings Hospital and diagnosed with developmental coordination disorder. The diagnosis of developmental coordination disorder is a terminology to describe a cognitively able child with impairment in the development of motor skills that interferes with academic activities and activities of daily living. The team did note Kate has made significant gains that they feel have been led by her immediate family members. Her motor planning skills are not so severely impaired, and Kate’s gross and fine motor skills and visual perception skills are now in the typical range for a child of her age. However, Kate continues to need additional help in areas that require private funding since many of the CDS recommendations are not covered sufficiently by Health, School or Educational services.

Kate’s father, Lyndon, suffered a bimollear fracture and subsequent stroke while hospitalized in May of 2012. Additional tests were completed in that same year.  We are excited about establishing a worldwide family of book friends who share a common love of words, ideas and possibilities with us.  Lyndon is currently working with Terry Woods of Web Generation to create a truly special used book website.  The goal is to offer a wide variety of great secondhand books at a great price!

Thank you for taking time to read about us. Who knows? You may even find one of Kate’s drawings in with your order!

3 photos of Kate